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Friday, 9 October 2009

Introducing Edna

Finally after such a long delay, I managed to get some time to sit and look at the work of another amateur Christian photographer, who graciously make her work available to use for this blog.

I had only known Edna for a very short period of time.
Just like my meeting with Julia, I had never see Edna physically, but I know one day... whether in body or in spirit, I shall see her. She is currently living in the land of beauty - New Zealand. With her Canon EOS 450D, she captures lots of New Zealand landscape and natures. You can find out more on her blog :

We are so quick to exchange comments on each other blog and conversation leads to exchange of email. It's greatly encourage me to know there are many christian, most importantly - born again believer, who found this blog and be willing to help out. So, keep a look out for her pictures in the future, I'll be posting it real soon!


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